Supermarket Swap began as a mum’s mission to help her son.

Nabula started researching how additives and preservatives can affect our health and was shocked to learn that multiple synthetic ingredients are added into everyday foods that you would never suspect, many of which can cause side effects if you exceed the ‘Acceptable Daily Intake’ level.

Wanting to raise awareness, Nabula decided to share products that she found in the supermarket that were additive and preservative free on Instagram. The engaging content about simple supermarket swaps quickly garnered a large following from like-minded people who wanted to learn more, make simple swaps and better choices for themselves and their families.

Realising that there were so many other people out there trying to decipher ingredient lists, Nabula decided to simplify the process by developing an app. The Supermarket Swap App was designed to simplify the shopping process to allow shoppers to easily search, shop, share and save on additive and preservative free food from Australia’s largest supermarkets.

Working with a team of qualified health professionals, the App includes the most up to date additive and preservative research data in Australia.