Supermarket Swap began as a mum’s mission to help her son. Read more about Nabula’s story below:

As a busy mum, I often skipped reading the ingredient list on products in the supermarket. I did a quick scan of the sodium and sugar content, but I often found the ingredient list too hard to decipher due to the presence of multiple additive names and codes.

I started to learn more (and I am still learning and supported by a qualified health experts) about additives and preservatives and the side effects that can occur if we exceed the ‘ADI’ Acceptable Daily Intake. The issue was how many people exceed the ADI, because they are simply unaware of how much they consume because they too, were not reading the ingredient list.

Deciding to reduce the amount additives my young family consumed was easy. I started to swap products I was buying in the supermarket, with products that only contained real and recognisable ingredients.

Many friends also wanted to make the swap, so I thought other people may be interested. I created an Instagram page to share the additive free products I discovered. The engaging content about simple supermarket swaps quickly garnered a large following from like-minded people who wanted to learn more, make simple swaps and better choices for themselves and their families.

Realising that there were so many other people out there trying to decipher ingredient lists, I decided to simplify the process by developing an app.

The app involved a lengthy research project which was conducted by qualified health professionals and a food scientist to research additives and preservatives used in Australia. Subscribers can now type in any additive code or name and find out exactly what it is.

The Supermarket Swap App was designed to simplify the shopping process to allow shoppers to easily search, shop, share and save on additive and preservative free food from Australia’s largest supermarkets.

As well as an extensive additive database, the app now also contains over 2,000 additive and preservative free products from Australia’s largest supermarket. Through the online community, Nabula realised that many Australian’s were also struggling with meal planning and so in 2022, the App expanded to include a meal plan template and there are now 200 recipes to streamline your meal planning and make it easier to feed your family.


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