Working out what to cook on a busy week night can be hard.

But thanks to Easy Eats, it is about to get so much easier.



 Your weeknight dinners sorted

 Over 20 recipes per edition with tips to save time – hello Easy Hacks!

 Edition Two includes a Prep Step Guide to help you get a head start

 Shopping lists broken down by weeks

 Shortcut ingredient options of recommended supermarket products

 Every recipe is dietician reviewed and approved

Receive a dinner recipe for every weeknight for four weeks so you always know ‘What’s for Dinner?’

Delicious, additive free recipes that the entire family will enjoy

Includes time saving Easy Hacks and additive free supermarket product recommendations

Simplify your dinner time today!

Take the guess work out of planning and cooking
a healthy dinner during your busy weeks.


 Save time, no more planning meals!

 Reduce waste, only buy what you need

 Dinner is sorted and your shopping list is done

 Save money, stop unnecessary trips to the supermarket

 We plan, you cook

 We make it easy for you

Easy Eats Edition 2


The second edition of Easy Eats has 20 midweek meals and over 35 recipes, including 7 DIY recipes for popular supermarket sauces. New to this edition, it also includes a weekly hour of power Prep Step guide to help you get a head start on your weeknight cooking.



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Easy Eats Edition 1


The original Easy Eats features 23 delicious, family friendly dinner recipes including Prawn Pad Thai, Chinese Poached Chicken and Vietnamese Tofu Bowls. Reduce the mental stress of deciding what to eat for dinner and have four weeks of recipes with shopping lists delivered to your inbox.



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What is Easy Eats?

Easy Eats is a Meal Plan that provides you with 5 weeknight dinner recipes, a shopping list and a weekly overview for an entire month. It is provided as an e-book, delivered straight to your inbox that can be downloaded and saved for future reference. 

How many recipes are included?

Easy Eats includes 4 weeks of weeknight recipes plus there are an additional 3 recipes you can substitute in or cook at another time. This brings the total to 23 delicious recipes.  

How is EASY EATS different from the Supermarket Swap App?

Easy Eats is a digital downloadable meal plan which features as least 4 weeks of recipes. This is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to have an answer to ‘What’s for dinner?’ without having to think about it.


The Supermarket Swap app is a great tool for those who want to manage their own meal plans. With over 150+ recipes and an editable meal plan template, the App helps you to streamline your own DIY Meal Plan.

What is the difference between Edition 1 and Edition 2?

Edition 1 includes 23 recipes broken down into 4 weeks with the addition of 2 bonus recipes. For Edition 2, there are 20 midweek dinner recipes plus 7 recipes for commonly bought supermarket sauces. Edition 2 also includes a weekly Prep Guide to help you get ahead and conquer your weeknight cooking.